Welcome to Mater Dei Blakehurst & St Raphael Hurstville South

Welcome to Our Parish
We have a wonderful Parish with a true spirit of community, compassion and care for each other. We are guided by our faith and I am forever grateful to God for the many wonderful gifts we have and the many kind and generous people that are such a key part of our identity as a Church.

In all that we do let us strive to grow in true holiness, opening our hearts to the mystery and wonder of our Lord.

I pray that each of us from the youngest to the most senior members of our community will be filled by the goodness of God.

Everyone is welcome at our parishes of Mater Dei and St Raphael. I invite all who live nearby, have children at the school or who would just like to join us and become part of our community.May the Lord continue to bless all we do to build the kingdom of God in all aspects of our lives. Fr Isidore Anantharaj

COVID-19 Update
Church attendance numbers are limited to a maximum of 100 people, providing there is a four square metre space around each person, with the exception of people from the same household.
All parishes must ensure that their churches are not left unattended when their doors are open and must keep written records with names and contact details of everyone who comes into the church at any time and these records must be kept for at least 4 weeks.
Parishes are advised to designate specific people to monitor the sign-in process and to make sure all people attending Masses are registering (at least one person from each family group).
The NSW Government has recommended parishioners wear face masks when attending religious services as an additional safeguard to help combat the spread of COVID-19.
Parishioners must not mingle before, during or after Mass since social distancing rules cannot be easily observed.

The National Coronavirus Helpline also provides support, information and advice about coronavirus (COVID-19).

Email: support@covidsafe.gov.au

Telephone:1800 020 080

Website:COVIDSafe online help

COVIDSafe helps you and all of our communities. Assist health officials to quickly understand and tackle the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We warmly welcome all Parishioners and Visitors to our Church. If you are new to our Parish, please make sure to register your family at the Parish Office. You may access the Parish Registration Form from our website or collect one from the foyer.

 Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity Office

The focus of the Safeguarding   Office is the prevention of abuse and harm to children, young people and the vulnerable within our Archdiocese. If you or a person close to you has been abused by someone working or ministering within the Archdiocese of Sydney, we invite you to contact us. We will listen to you respectfully, offer support and discuss the options you have available to you. Please contact the Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity  Office on (02)93905812 or safeguardingenquiries@sydneycatholic.org

You may also want to speak to your Parish Priest, Fr Isidore (040 886 3066) who will be able to provide support and guidance. The Archdiocese has a legal obligation to report crimes to the   police.