Please contact the parish office (02 9546 2605) to make an appointment to meet Father.You may also send an email to us on

You will need to bring along copy of birth certificates, passports/driver license (original for sighting) recent baptism certificate and any other document , if applicable, to state the detail/s of conjugal status.

At least 6 months notice is required to cover up application duration with the government office.


There is no prescribed fee for the wedding but it is customary that an offering be made. As a guide it is suggested that this offering be approximately $500.This money will cover: ♦ The use of the Church for the wedding and rehearsal. ♦ The hours of the priest: completion of all paperwork, the celebration of the ceremony, rehearsal and other appointments. ♦ Assistance in preparation of Marriage Liturgy. ♦ The marriage certificate issued by the Registrar.

We suggest that this money be given to the Parish Secretary when booking is made. When a couple invites another priest to celebrate their wedding we suggest that approximately $250 be given to the Church and they discuss the personal offering with the priest.