Dempsey Medal 2020

Congratulations! It is our joy to extend our warmest congratulations to the recipient of the Dempsey Medals: Marguerite Derrig and Graeme Dorahy.   They have served our parishes in many capacities – as members of the   Parish Council, Legion of Mary, evangelising through RCIA, Acolyte,     Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and also in several other   social and religious activities in[…..]

Recommended Resources during Church close down due to the pandemic (March 2020)

Daily mass will be broadcast via live steaming by St Declan’s Church:                 Monday – Saturday:       9:15 am                 Sunday:                                9.00 am 2. Archdiocese of Sydney 3. Vatican: 5:00 pm Mass and Adoration LIVE with Pope Francis every day at 5pm Sydney time and recorded for later.  This is totally new thing since[…..]