Welcome to Our Parish

We have a wonderful Parish with a true spirit of community, compassion and care for each other. We are guided by our faith and I am forever grateful to God for the many wonderful gifts we have and the many kind and generous people that are such a key part of our identity as a Church.

In all that we do let us strive to grow in true holiness, opening our hearts to the mystery and wonder of our Lord.

I pray that each of us from the youngest to the most senior members of our community will be filled by the goodness of God.

Everyone is welcome at our parishes of Mater Dei and St Raphael. I invite all who live nearby, have children at the school or who would just like to join us and become part of our community.

May the Lord continue to bless all we do to build the kingdom of God in all aspects of our lives.

Fr Isidore Anantharaj

Sacraments 2020 at St Raphael’s & Mater Dei – Postponed

Palm Sunday

Message from Fr Isidore:

After nearly two weeks of turmoil in our lives and the life of our church, with masses ceasing and churches being locked, we find ourselves on the threshold of Holy Week.

Speaking personally, the inability to celebrate the Eucharist and other sacraments in the usual way has been very difficult for me and for the people of God to whom I minister.

I am sure that we have all felt the sadness and grief of these new restrictions placed upon us at this time, and understanding the reasons for the current restrictions does not ameliorate the sadness we are all feeling.

These changed conditions in which we find ourselves, has produced some great innovation, as parishes and priests bring spiritual resources to their people.

Wherever you are and whatever your situation, I hope you feel supported and are able to access the resources you require. Don’t be afraid to ask for support.

God bless you and I love you too and care about you!

Let us be united in prayer

Your Parish Priest in solidarity

Fr. Isidore